Amid pandemic, digital coupon initiatives, and saving opportunities become more vital than it has ever been. It’s catching up more as the grocery retailers are turning digital because the idea of saving by using coupons lead customers to increase the buying frequency and the average order value per purchase. The new standard emerges unexpectedly from what shoppers now seem to, while 90% of shoppers use coupons in some way, the ability to boost advertisement and engagement remains constant for grocery stores.

The replacement of physical coupons with digital coupons

Indeed, digital or online coupons and deals have undoubtedly changed the face of the coupon industry, from small paper codes to percentage-only digital codes. And as per industry dynamics, it is very apparent. Digital coupons have taken over traditional coupons as they are significantly less expensive and portable. Shoppers can access digital coupons received via apps, emails and, websites, etc. In 2019 more than 25 million shoppers used couponing apps, which proves they are searching for a coupon to purchase the product they want.

The digital revolution for grocers

Independent grocers are adapting the shift by embracing digital initiatives, as they understand that introducing digital transformation is not only about software upgrades but about the customer and how to retain them with appropriate deals & offers. Grocery retailers strive to provide their customers with a better shopping experience across different outlets, both offline and online. As the distance between the two segments declines, grocers need to make a point through specified points of contact throughout all ways to be fast and sensitive to all customer needs.

With mobile applications and web-based solutions, reaching out to customers with digital coupons has become flexible and independent grocers are making the most of this. If adequately implemented, savings-oriented strategies such as coupons can help grocers communicate with new consumers, drive testing, eliminate cart abandonment, improve brand loyalty, and promote a positive consumer experience.

With mobile apps, redeeming coupons earned via texts and emails has become even more convenient for consumers as it ultimately keeps consumers on the mobile platform for a longer time, increasing screen time to offer extra discounts and coupons.

Engaging Saving Centric Consumers 

The increasing use of AI has proven effective for personalizing coupons with the help of data-informed marketing as coupons are now driving to the targeted customer at the right time. By convincing customers to spend a little more to get a discount, grocers are offering a premium price to maximize their basket sizes. Moreover, with the holiday season approaching, as consumers are willing to spend more, grocery retailers are keen on offering holiday season coupons for shoppers to deliver a better shopping experience altogether.

Therefore, with growing digital transformation along with the implementation of the new norm, traditional grocers are shifting their attention to digital initiatives to reach their consumers, and what the best option to do so is by direct advertising and promoting the use of digital coupons. It means that in attracting consumers to increase their purchases and access websites and mobile apps more frequently than before, digital coupons have proven to be profitable, making them a path forward for grocery retailers.

Now What?

The bottom line is that coupons can also attract new shoppers and influence the effect of their purchasing decisions and buying habits. So, in the coming years, the usage of coupons will expand only.

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