To Our Valued Customers, Partners and RSA Team 

What a year it’s been! Again, another year has elapsed and gone. This year had its share of challenges to endure, but there were also a lot of outstanding achievements. And I think that both our business and the industry as a whole will have tremendous prospects for growth in 2023. I want to personally thank you for the business, whether you have been a regular customer for years or are just discovering us this year. Every day, we’ll work to win your loyalty by providing the best and most reasonable solution.  

The company’s success is contingent on the contributions of the team, and during the past year, we have achieved great success. I appreciate my team’s tenacious effort, dedication and valuable recommendations. Without them, we would not be where we are now.

We take great pride in offering insight into one of the prominent sectors of the world’s economy. Let’s take a peek at our accomplishments this year while encouraging retailers to succeed in the digital realm. 

This year, we began by providing our customers with an enhanced user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) by automating personalized ads, localization, zip-code level tailoring, and real-time reporting. Our new algorithm minimizes the need to browse or search through hundreds of products and lets grocers highlight products around their value proposition if it involves engaging customers throughout multichannel. Also, for grocers to concentrate on primary tasks, we drove POS integration flexibly to ensure that our retailers collect and utilize data to provide optimal customer experience. 

The adoption of grocery mobile applications rose exponentially throughout the first quarter of 2022, as our customers and shoppers sought protection from rising prices by heavily employing digital offers and loyalty reward programs. Shoppers that used our apps rated us a 4+ review. Besides this, user sessions and downloads throughout the first and second quarters, we have the dominant market share across grocery shop apps. 

For the year, adhering to the adage, “satisfied customers are the best marketers,” we empowered many prestigious grocers. Superior Grocers in Southern California, Lowes Foods in Texas & New Mexico and Food Bazar in New York are a few of them. 

Accomplishment is contingent on our capacity to evolve as a group and as individuals. Our RSA team has expanded immensely. The addition of diversified individuals with various backgrounds ensures that we uphold our values while nurturing our culture. Our social platform’s synergy, workplace activities, and customer gatherings are mind-blowing, and everything we do is motivated by our commitment to making a difference. 

Our best days are ahead of us. We will bring new capabilities to RSA powered by AI/ML. Our cutting-edge technology will be thoroughly AUTOPILOT competent, enabling us to reduce the amount of human interaction while maximizing its effectiveness. To further it, an e-commerce gateway, Brand IQ for CPGs and Retail Media, and a marketing intelligence solution to our web during the first quarters of the following year. Again, we appreciate your support in 2022 and look ahead to even greater success in 2023! Have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year.


Ravi Achanta 

CEO, RSA America 


Founded in 2014, Rsa America serves the influential, trillion-dollar retail grocery industry. In the battle between independent retailers and big box stores, we stand with the independent. We are a unified grocery retail solution that expounders at incorporating digital experiences that boost store sales and customer loyalty. We make cutting-edge technology, tools, industry, operational, CPG, and support specialists affordable to independent grocers hungry to collaborate and advance one of the most significant sectors in the world.