In the heart of Buche Foods lies a commitment to exceptional customer service and fair pricing, making them the top choice for shoppers since 1905. With core values centered around customer satisfaction and doing the right thing, Buche Foods has built a solid reputation that has stood the test of time.

When it comes to customer feedback, Buche Foods sees it as a gift and an opportunity for growth. They take feedback seriously and remain open-minded to change. Understanding that listening to their customers is essential to being the best, Buche Foods incorporates customer feedback into its future development strategies.

But Buche Foods doesn’t stop at serving its customers. They believe in giving back to the community that supports them. Through their non-profit organization, The Underdog Foundation, they provide scholarships to graduates who have overcome incredible challenges. Team Buche Cares, another charitable initiative, focuses on supporting local cancer patients and food pantries. Buche Foods is there for their community, whether it’s fundraising, lending a helping hand, or simply being present in times of need.

The positive impact Buche Foods has made on customers and the community is evident. Working with the USDA, they have helped families gain access to fresh foods. Their pilot program for food lockers in communities with limited access to stores is just one example of their innovative solutions. Buche Foods also offers the ADD MILK program, allowing customers to purchase milk and receive the price of milk for healthy options through the store.

One of their proudest moments came in 2019 when they secured a lease with the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Determined to provide a better store for the community, Buche Foods replaced outdated equipment, stocked the store, and even arranged transportation for customers during the transition. One such store in Pine Ridge has made a significant impact on the lives of many, exemplifying Buche Foods’ commitment to doing the right thing.

Volunteerism is at the heart of Buche Foods’ culture. Their team members actively participate in various community activities and events, such as sporting events, chamber activities, community cancer walk, veterans, and church functions. They contribute to community clean-ups and prioritize maintaining their facilities to set a standard for others. Buche Foods believes in giving back and being an integral part of the communities they serve.

Environmental responsibility is also a priority for Buche Foods. They have adopted green practices, discontinuing the distribution of paper flyers to reduce waste and preserve trees. They promote the use of recyclable bags and support recycling efforts in their communities. By investing in energy-efficient equipment and lighting, they strive to minimize their environmental footprint. Additionally, Buche Foods prioritizes buying local produce and supporting local cattle producers, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Buche Foods have given scholarships of over $ 500,00 since 1992. The inspiration behind the UNDERDOG SCHOLARSHIP AWARD and Team Buche Cares initiative is deeply rooted in Buche Foods’ desire to make a difference. The Underdog Foundation was established to provide scholarships to deserving underdogs, recognizing their unique strengths and challenges.

Team Buche Cares was born with a mission to feed the hungry and support cancer patients in their fight. Together, these initiatives have positively impacted countless lives in their communities. With a rich history rooted in exceptional service and a passion for community, Buche Foods continues to make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same.

We at RSA America want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Buche Foods for being our valued customers. We are thrilled and proud to witness the outstanding contributions you have made in the grocery industry and your unwavering commitment to the communities you serve. Your dedication to customer service, fair pricing, and community support sets a remarkable example for others to follow. We look forward to continuing our successful journey together.

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