Impact on Grocers

The preferences of customers have changed in the last few years, digital is the most preferred choice which has popped up in most surveys. Given how fast the lives are around the globe, it is but appears to be the best choice. Therefore, when the world is hit by a crisis such as a global pandemic, everyone turning to digital rescues is not a turn back but an acceleration of the said dependency they already have acquired on online remedies long before any predicament.

Shift in Behavior of Shoppers

Forty-four percent of respondents stated that they were more likely to stock up on household essentials, with a further 31 percent more likely to make a shopping list because of the pandemic. Indeed, people simply can’t enjoy a meal during this quarantine duration so they are learning how to make meals and for that shoppers are returning to the stores where they are spending more and more per visit because they require daily supplies of essentials groceries.

A greater percentage of customers who switch to online deliveries or pick up order facilities are not satisfied with the quality of the item being delivered to them as fresh produce has always been important to them and considering that making others pick their groceries is somewhat risky. For many such changes are likely to be temporary, but many will continue for a long time. Another side of the impact is that shoppers will emerge from the pandemic with entirely new brand preferences or lower brand loyalty altogether.

Digital coupon redemption in March increased 56.5% in the supermarket industry year over year.

The competition is tough and each grocer needs a serious reason for customers to choose their stores over substitutes, as shoppers are paying close attention to each dollar spent so they are making every attempt to save as much as feasible by the digital coupon schemes.

How Grocers should handle customers?

The real struggles during pandemics have been for the grocers for multiple reasons mostly a combination of panic buying, overpowering the supply system, and producers only producing certain items. With the warehouses setting quotas for few items and the suppliers imposing restrictions as well, the grocers have had their fair share of grapples. However, things have been managed well and turned fine with effective collaboration between all sects of the retail industry. It is to be duly noted that even during the outbreak of a pandemic, the grocer’s main struggle was not a dearth of customer reach. It is much to the credit of digital solutions that has been achieved.

Grocers who can react to the outbreak and the potential for captivated demand so rapidly that increased e-commerce, improved distribution infrastructure, increased competition, next-gen social media interaction, and the introduction of digital technology are driving ongoing retail transformation deeper, quicker and more exciting than ever before.

How RSA can help grocers?

Being associated with the retail sector, we at RSA are thus fully aware of these situations. As our business includes providing digital solutions to our clients, we have decided to base it on the retention of customers for all our clients.  By providing detailed data analytics and fully integrated loyalty programs to our clients, we market to allow maximum customer retention for all the grocers’ on board with us.

We are aware of your struggles and therefore we value and understand the importance of continued success amidst strict competitions. This is, for this reason, we align smart marketing with an efficient strategy to produce the best results that help you grow and prosper along with our innovative technology.

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