Customer loyalty is a valuable asset and doesn’t come for free. It comes ideally when accomplished with a top-notch product, value-added features, certain rewards, etc. The introduction of a smart and effective method of rewarding the customers frequently is often all that is needed to seal the deal. According to some independent grocers, loyalty programs allow customers to save money and it is more likely if consumers save money they remain loyal to the store otherwise if a competitor finds a better deal, then the shoppers are going to start taking it without a second thought.

Now the question arises, how retailers with existing loyalty programs continue to grow and evolve to renewed norms for modern shoppers?

As consumers are showing more interest in technology, taking the mobile shift to keep grocery stores on top of the customer’s mind is now beneficial for grocery stores. The number of people who are using grocery store apps in the US has risen significantly and is still on the rise.

Well-crafted loyalty programs, designed and integrated with the latest technologies, compatible with any smart device, strengthen the brand value, and builds brand equity across all consumer types.  According to a report on loyalty programs, 95% of consumers want to engage with their loyalty program using emerging technology like Chabot’s, AI, VR, and smart devices. Mobile apps are great tools to get customers engaged as it makes collecting points simpler and trading them for rewards using a simple platform that users can easily navigate. Tried and tested, the best way to maximize customer loyalty is to keep up with the ongoing technology.

Listed Loyalty Programs

Point system: Reward points systems allow customers with earning points which they can redeem for other goods and services. Standardized point programs give additional benefits at various levels, and many of these reward programs have redemption rewards with a validity period.

Membership Card: To motivate shopper’s involvement free or relatively low-fee, loyalty cards usually focus on cost-saving over individually tailored incentives.

Paid Memberships: Paid memberships offer extra support, generate repeat business and raise the loyalty of brands.

App-only benefits: Many grocery stores consider making the most of their app by integrating it with the loyalty program. To encourage shoppers, grocers offer reward points for frequent logins or digital coupon redemption through the store app.

Target-based: Such programs are focused on specific subjects, preferences, or beliefs which strengthen commitment. Targeting a smaller audience with a common interest one can become more familiar with customers and be able to deliver targeted offers that resonate.

A good loyalty program offers a reliable balance of discounts and reward features which can improve the habits of shoppers. Although these schemes affect consumer loyalty, several stores look at the program as more of an attempt to develop a unique customer bond. 

How to reshape the loyalty program using mobile apps?

According to the survey, more than 70% of shoppers are more likely to participate in a loyalty program if they can easily access loyalty cards and rewards from their mobile phones. Mobile apps, capture the required information, and maintain customer relationships. There’s no sense in having a loyalty program that is difficult to integrate.  These features and capabilities of mobile apps will change the way your customers are driven to remain loyal:

Quick rewards: Mobile apps make monitoring points easier and exchanging them for rewards using a unique platform that users can easily access.

Consistent promotion of products: Survey the experiences your consumers have with your mobile app to learn their buying inclinations and behavior. Grocers can use this information at the most appropriate moment, to deliver valuable things. Increasing interactions with consumers on your app platform would, eventually, improve loyalty and engagement.

Alerts & Messaging: Communicate with users and promote feedback. Messaging always provides precise brand information and continues to keep the consumers up-to-date.

Personalize the shopping experience: Enable and encourage shoppers to share their positive experiences using social media channels to spread awareness for the app. Also, the customized messages can be sent to the customers using the data-driven insights, which makes the customers take an interest in it and keeps them engaged in shopping. The customized messages meet the unique needs of shoppers, improve the basket size, and take the customer experience to a new level.

Transformation starts here: You can take your loyalty program to the next level with a user-friendly mobile app.

With mobile apps, retailers can expand their business that offers benefits to customers for certain periods or on specific products. It costs a business far more to bring in a new customer than it does to maintain an existing one. If a customer is already gained, maintaining that satisfaction makes sense. Rewards plans are a perfect way to get this done. However, businesses have to be aware of how the market evolves to make a program successful.

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