Did you know that more than 86 percent of consumers use their mobile devices to get ready for a retail-shopping trip? For today’s independent grocer, going digital and utilizing mobile technology will be the saving grace for both the business and the industry. Consumers are digitally wired and use it in all aspects of their life: from traveling, to banking, to taking notes and shopping.

Consumers are foregoing the traditional method of clipping coupons and having paper lists, to downloading an app that does all of this for them while also saving money with the click of a button. Having this technology is a no-brainer for larger, national chains…But for independent grocers, the budget and time are sparse, and they often struggle with using digital and mobile outside of social media. This transition is not impossible, however. There is technology that exists for independents to be competitive in today’s marketplace while also keeping their current clientele happy, and enticing a new type of customer at the same time.

At RSA America, we want to help you succeed and get started on the path to digital success. So, what should you look for as an independent grocer when thinking of the mobile and digital switch?

The Independent Grocer’s Guide to Digital Use

Look for a platform that is a fully-integrated mobile solution. The platform you choose should include the build of a customizable, branded mobile app that customers can download to see your store’s offers, coupons, recipes, shopping lists, and circulars. This is also a prime place for you to communicate with them in real-time while they are in store.

If price is an issue for you, look for a solution that’s in the “cloud”. If you are concerned about the costs of doing digital business, there’s money to be saved when using a cloud-based solution. There is no expensive hardware to purchase, no time-consuming integration from one program to another, and the updates are handled remotely without the need to physically have someone install or upgrade it for you.

Look for seamless transitions that provide manufacturer and in-store promotion content and redemption. The ability to use CPG coupons in-store increases your chance of getting more customers through the door. By offering the same coupons as the mega-chains, a consumer may choose to do business with you and not have to split trips because they want the deal offered elsewhere that your store doesn’t have.

Looking for a solution that offers extensive analytics and reporting tools. Being able to view metrics and behaviors of your consumers will help you better target and create engaging marketing campaigns to entice more sales, therefore increasing your bottom line.

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