Automation is the emerging trend that has a place in this world. It helps us to minimize costs and to accelerate interaction but is it better than customer service and human interaction? Nothing beats customer service because automation cannot get a sense of emotion, can destroy customer loyalty, contributes to isolation, and is not dependent on consumer retention.

Every organization wants to give a seamless personalized experience to its customers to retain them and one can make this as a big competitive advantage. Automation can’t have the emotional replication of a human being. When a customer faces issues with the products they try to find a solution on their own but many of them end up reaching support executives to give the solution to them. The feedback can be influenced by the experience they discover with an automation tool vs human connect.

Customer Service frame of mind in the retail industry

Digital consumers are very interested in ranking, reading, and posting online reviews about products and services. We often rely heavily on their social group’s views in forming brand preferences and making buying decisions. When the customer support is not up to the mark, both online and in your physical stores, it does not take long for consumers to lose patience. On the other side, automation is a part of sociable withdrawal. When we look forward to customer support online at store portals or websites almost 70% companies try to influence customers to use their automated apps or Chabot to firstly interact with but a customer wants to learn that there are experts out there who care about their issues, no matter how large or how small they are. It’s inherent for a human being to want human contact, no matter how much technology isolates us. Automation is going to lead us to another screen that takes us to annoyance.

Technology is the main key but human interaction is equally essential

Smart technology can enhance customer support by providing customers with a higher degree of satisfaction, but can’t substitute the human connection to answer queries. Instead of employees with the forthcoming latest AI tools, companies should look to other technologies to ensure that their customer service representatives have the best experience on-call or in responding to email queries. The quality of the human factor during a customer service call is essential to the delivery of a customized and meaningful experience.

Although corporations may be inclined to cut costs and invest in AI and bots, they should also note that investing in staff, training, and technology that empowers workers ensures that their businesses and customer satisfaction grow. Delivery of personal interaction in customer service is the ultimate key to keeping customers happy as technology can not do satisfy customers above a certain point.

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