Grocery shoppers desire a consistent experience across mobile, web, and in-store. In the last two years, the grocery industry has seen unprecedented upheaval. However, a shopper can always analyze the impact by evaluating. Like, am I getting all of my favorite products in one store, am I shopping every time from their preferred retailer, do I want a curbside pick-up option, or how much $ I save on every trip to the store.

After Investigating with our grocers, Grocery Commerce, Self- Checkout, Meal kit, Pick-up, Fast delivery, and More Private Brands are the latest trends driving the form of grocery shopping in 2022.

Grocery Commerce: The growth of e-commerce grocery sales surpassed unheard-of figures, forever altering the game for grocers. In the next five years, revenues will exceed 20% of the total grocery retail industry in the United States. The reason is simple for shoppers, ordering online is easy. In the next five years, nevertheless, revenues will exceed 20% of the total grocery retail industry in the United States.

Self-Checkout: 59% of respondents believe self-checkout makes shopping easier. With the promise of improved customer experience, satisfaction, and more data and insights, scan & go self-checkout will rise more in the coming years.

Meal kit: Grocers are enduring in striving to improve existing food offerings by leveraging online order capabilities. By 2022, the meal kit market will be worth $11.6 billion and, no suspicion millennials’ growing preference for cooked meals is a crucial driver pushing the meal kit demand forward.

Pick-up:  Pick-up is essential for the trendy shopper’s convenience. 67% of shoppers in the United States have chosen the pick-up option in the last six months. That means by 2025, the contribution of 10% of all overall sales.

Fast Delivery: Delivery options are rising, and delivery times are shrinking from two days to thirty min. In 2022, how quickly customers can receive their shopping items into their hands will be a differentiator.

Private Brands:  About 40% of US customers have explored new items or brands in the past. Availability & price influence customer purchasing decisions. Thus grocers must elevate their private-label game.

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