How Independent grocery stores can win the loyalty of shoppers in 2022 and Beyond

Do you remember what it was like to go grocery shopping before the pandemic? Many grocers have enabled mobile shopping, home delivery, pick-up, and other relevant choices. However, few are still struggling to identify the needs of their loyal shoppers during abnormal times.

RSA recently did a survey that found that most people feel that grocery shopping will never be the same. What does that mean for independent grocers, and what are the best strategies to persuade shoppers to stick with you in the age of technology, as accessibility is no longer a plus point?

This whitepaper from RSA America, a pioneering digital retail solution provider, lays out specific measures to succeed in the independent grocery sector. The content includes:

  • How to leverage your customer grocery shopper behavior to enrich the in-store experience
  • Where can grocery stores and shoppers find common ground
  • How digital and e-commerce solutions lead the way to opportunity