Empowering Independent Grocers

To accelerate sales for their grocery business

It's not often when a retailer gets excited about a program, but RSA has done it.... Our end of year sales are up while most independents are trending down.

Mike M, VP OperationsMiller's Markets

Discover how you can increase store sales, enhance customer experience, and drive customer loyalty with our all-in-one digital solution.

RSA America offers a fully integrated digital solution that adds value for the customer by having pricing, couping, marketing, and, loyalty in one place. It gives grocers a competitive edge in the market, customization, on a real-time basis, focused loyalty rewards, and positive shopping experience.

01. Strategic Smart Marketing

Using our behavioral, predictive and prescriptive analytics, generate consistent engagement across your email, mobile, print, social media and web channels.

02. Innovative Mobile Technology

Offer in-store promotion and redemption through a fully-integrated mobile app, with real-time coupon validation and management custom to your store’s needs.

03. Actionable Data Analytics

Gain AI-assisted insights to hyper-target your customers, making their experience with you rewarding, meaningful, and relevant to their lifestlyes.

04. Elevated Brand Education

Gather brand-specific data across multiple locations to push the right products to the right customers in the right medium.

How your business benefits from a reliable all-in-one digital solution?

RSA America covers all digital options for independent grocers: web, mobile, social media, email marketing, point-of-sale, consumer insights, CPG & in-store promotions, all operated from a single unified, cloud-based portal. With our digital solution, we empower independent grocers succeed and propel them on their new journey towards digital success for the future and beyond.

Boost Sales: By having all the features of the Mega chain.

Reducing costs: Our partners are now circulating ads weekly and saving thousands of dollars.

Attain massive profits: Use digital coupons to boost a higher shelf margin.

Be on top of your game by choosing the right digital solution partner for your grocery business.

If you're looking to update your digital grocery platforms, make sure it's not only with a company that you trust, but also one that offers the value and results that they promise.

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