For Independent Grocers and Restaurants During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Let your consumers get their essentials delivered to their doorstep during the outbreak of coronavirus. RSA America is offering independent grocers and restaurant owners a digital opportunity to launch their business on the online platform in just 5 days.

RSA America's platform and partners will enable you to offer your customers online shopping, doorstep delivery, curbside pickup, and other essential e-commerce functions to navigate business during this pandemic.

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A passion for helping independent grocers and our fellow Americans is at the core of our business.

My partners and I started a business because we knew in our hearts we could help businesses and in return for this help make a fair wage. Given the situation our country finds itself in we look in the mirror and ask ourselves not what can we make, but what can we do. As men of family and faith, we believe it is our obligation to help whenever we can. We can’t cure disease, we can’t make masks, or hand sanitizer, however, we can help grocers execute on the technology that in the near future makes consumers feel safe and might even help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We believe there is no fair price to charge retailers as they rush to ensure the safety of their customers. The only thing that would be fair is to absorb the cost so our retailers, whom the entire country is leaning on right now, do not have to. While we may only be wiping the brow of mighty Atlas, we know it will help our retailers in the grueling weeks ahead.

Rob Belcore, CCO

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